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Megan Fox Nude

Megan Fox Nude One of the hottest movie starts today Megan Fox finally reveals her beautiful body on pages of this Celebrity Porn blog. She is just 23 years old and has done only three movies in her entire career: she was a co-star in Lindsay Lohan flick and then a dream girl in ‘Transformers’ part 1 and 2 which are extremely popular now and not without her participation. Some may even say that she is the only thing worth watching in that sequel and its hard to argue with that. Megan is stunning!

Megan Fox told what a bad girl she is on the recent Late Night Show. Her multiple tattoos and her difficult teenager years just underline this image. Her idol is Marilyn Monroe and if that blonde bombshell was an absolute perfection at her time, Megan Fox is a dream girl of today and an object of every man’s fantasy around the world. She is all natural, has pretty face, a pair of perky boobs which are just the right size to hold in palm of the hand, thin waist and her butt is just great. Even tattoos which look gross pretty much on any other woman, painted on Megan’s slender body they suddenly become attractive…

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